Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Wheels to Work get its donated vehicles?

We receive car and monetary donations from members of the public. Car donations go to local families in the Sioux Falls area, and monetary donations cover one-time car repairs requested by qualified individuals who apply through Wheels to Work.

Why should I donate my used car? 

Donating a used car is beneficial to both the donor and recipient. Because we are a 501(c)(3) charity, donors may be able to deduct the NADA Value of their car as a charitable donation on their federal taxes. Most importantly, donors also experience the joy of providing a local family with safe and reliable transportation.

What difference can my old car make?
Access to regular and reliable transportation opens an entire world of opportunities for families without a car. Limitations on a family’s transportation options create limitations on nearly every aspect of their life, from where they can purchase food to where parents can work to which daycares children can attend. Your “old car” could very literally change the lives of an entire family.

If my car needs repairs, can I still donate it to Wheels to Work?

Your donated car doesn’t need to be flashy or new, it just needs to be roadworthy and drivable. While we are not able to accept cars that require substantial repair, such as a new transmission, Wheels to Work and Tires, Tires, Tires will invest in your donated car by replacing tires or windshield wipers, or making other minor repairs to ensure the safety of the vehicle. If you are unsure of the amount of repair needed on the vehicle you wish to donate, visit your nearest Tires, Tires, Tires for an evaluation.  

Who receives the donated cars? 

All donated vehicles go to single-parent families who work and/or attend school full time and do not have a vehicle. Recipients must be residents of Minnehaha County or Lincoln County, have a valid South Dakota driver’s license, and set aside sufficient funds to maintain the vehicle and pay for transfer costs, license plates, and car insurance.

What makes Wheels to Work different from other car donation programs?
We match car donations with local families in the Sioux Falls area. Other programs may sell your donated vehicle and use the funds for their charitable efforts. With Wheels to Work, you can be assured that your Angel Car will have a direct and specific impact on a family within our community. 

How do I donate my car? 

It’s very simple. Simply bring the vehicle and title to your nearest Sioux Falls Tires, Tires, Tires location. A team member will initiate the process and walk you through the steps of donating your Angel Car. They’ll even give you a ride home if you need one.

Can I contact the family who receives my donated car? 

We keep donor and recipient information confidential. However, if donors would like to share a story about their car or a personal message with the recipients, we provide cards for donors to fill out and leave in the car for the family to enjoy.

I don’t have a car to donate. How else can I support Wheels to Work?
There are many ways you can support the mission of Wheels to Work.

1. Spread the word.
Tell your friends and family about Wheels to Work. Donating a car can be a rewarding, valuable option that most people in the Sioux Empire are not aware of.

Invite us to speak at your church, book club, or any other community group. We love telling the Wheels to Work story.

Tell area employers and companies that Wheels to Work is an excellent fleet management option. South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota businesses can donate their older vehicles for a tax deduction.

2. Help us pay for repairs.
Cash or select cash-equivalent donations to Wheels to Work go toward repairs that keep families from needing a new car.

Use Amazon Smile. Go to and select “Sioux Empire Wheels to Work.” A portion of every Amazon purchase you make will go toward Wheels to Work. (Make sure you log in to Amazon via whenever you shop.)

Involve Wheels to Work in workplace fundraising activities. Keep Wheels to Work in mind whenever an office fundraiser comes up.

Fund a family’s Angel Repair with a cash donation. Any size donation is more than welcome, and greatly appreciated. To make a donation, contact Karen at, or mail your donation:
Wheels to Work
5400 W 57th Street #7
Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105

How do I apply for a car?

If you are a single parent who is a resident of Minnehaha County or Lincoln County, and you have a valid South Dakota driver’s license, your family may be eligible.  To receive an application to be placed on the waiting list for an Angel Car, call 605-941-4318 or email

Once your application is approved by Sioux Empire Wheels to Work, your family will be placed on our waiting list. While on the waiting list, you’ll be advised to set aside around $400 to pay for transfer costs, license plates, and car insurance.

Can you help me with a car repair?

Thanks to the generous support of Sioux Empire community members, Tires, Tires, Tires, and Ron’s Garage, we are able to help qualified families in need of emergency car repairs up to $500. Any qualified individual in Minnehaha or Lincoln counties can apply for a one-time Angel Repair here.  

Where will my car be repaired?
As part of the application process, Wheels to Work will assist you with getting a cost estimate for the repair. If your application is approved, Wheels to Work will direct you to the mechanic location for your repair.

Can families receive more than one car from Wheels to Work? 
We provide one donated car and/or one car repair per family.

Thanks to these generous sponsors.